The Department of Masters in Computer Applications has commenced from the year 2009 at the Sarvajanik College of Engineering & Technology. From Academic Year 2020 it is a full-time two-year course under affiliation with Gujarat Technological University. The Department has a total intake of 120 from Academic Year 2020

The Department provides high valued technical education to its students with the help of its state-of-the-art computing facilities. The Department has a relatively young, yet, experienced and dynamic team composed of Assistant Professors, headed by a scholarly Head of Department. The Department is equipped with the latest hi-tech hardware and software facilities and other peripherals. The Department has two computer laboratories and a server room, which is also under the guidance of an experienced Lab Assistant. The Department provides full support for Training and Placement to its final year students. Along with the latest curriculum, the Department also organizes Vivacity - A Tech Fest - for the all-round development of its students. The Department also organizes workshops, seminars and expert talks on the latest emerging trends of the I.T. industry conducted by expert professionals from the industry, which provides an edge to our students.

Building epochal professionals and academicians through panoramic educational derivatives in a ceaseless dimension.

To develop profound understanding of core fundamentals and applications in software development enabling students for a vivacious career in software industries as well as academia.

To motivate the students to pursue higher education, other value added programmes for their holistic development. It sharpens the skills and trains them to excel in application or system development, system analysis and design, project management, consultancy or even entrepreneurship. The excellent academic inputs by the experienced faculty and the world-class infrastructure at MET contribute towards building a truly global IT professional.

  1. Preparation: To prepare the Post Graduate students for a prolific career in Software Industry and inculcate an urge for Research by providing the conducive environment in teaching and learning process in the core and emerging areas.
  2. Core Competency: To nurture and implant a strong basement in the learning methodologies which thereby enhances the principles and approaches in computing, networking and communication skills.
  3. Breadth: To aim and provide the student a variety of context and a flexible learning environment which makes them learn and develop sound knowledge in Information Technology, Computer Software and Engineering concepts.
  4. Professionalism: To foster and provide a social environment which moulds the students to become Professionals enriched with communication, technical and innovative skills to render it in social context ethically.
  5. Learning Environment: To reinforce a competency based learning environment with excellent team work and teaching aids which make the students recognize and accomplish their academic and career goals.

  1. On Completion of the MCA degree the Graduates are expected to Demonstrate the technical knowhow in fields of Engineering, Humanities and Science.
  2. Implement the Creative and Problem Solving skills in various Real time problems Design and develop Software to mete out the Customer Requirements.
  3. Designate as a Team member and render efficient skills to climb the hierarchy of an organization.
  4. Understand and dispatch his Professional and Ethical responsibilities Pursue and embark a Career in Research.
  5. Develop the individual as Entrepreneur in the software fields as Software Programmer, Software Engineer, Software Architect, Software Developer etc.
  6. Communicate effectively both in verbal and formal means Exhibit skills for a continuous and lifelong learning.