The mission statement of Chemical Engineering Department is “To be a Center of Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education which is Industry Relevant, Globally Competitive and Socially Sound”. Department was started from the very first year of the inception of Institute in 1995. Chemical Engineering Department of SCET was accredited by NBA in 2006. The department zealously strives to provide students, the exposure to industrial environment by way of Industrial training, expert lectures and Plant visits. Seminars and workshops are organized frequently to hone their technical and soft skills. The students undergo an extensive course work and extensive laboratory practice in all conventional and advanced areas of Chemical Engineering. In addition, students are involved in significant number of Industry projects where they get a chance to solve problem from Industry and interact with their future employers.

As SCET is located in the heart of one of the Chemical hubs of the state, Chemical Engineering students get a chance to interact with local chemical companies and get connected through summer internships and regular plant visits to industries in the vicinity of the city and state. Also there are many students who opt for higher studies at Universities in India and abroad.
In order to enhance the knowledge and develop research cult in faculties as well as students different National level events such as National Conference, Symposiums and Short term training programs are organized on the regular basis.

To be a Center of Excellence in Chemical Engineering Education which is Industry Relevant, Globally Competitive and Socially Sound.

To make future chemical engineers who are inculcated with a sense of social responsibility, excellent academics,practical - positive approach and an upright citizens.

  1. The chief aim of the course is to improve the students knowledge in the field of unit operations and unit processes in chemical Industries its commissioning and implementation.
  2. Enhance the students skills in the field of manufacturing of chemicals and identifying -solving major engineering problems associated withit thereby developing them professionally.
  3. Cultivate analytical thinking and thereby increase the adaptability of students for changing and upgrading technologies.
  4. Provide overall development to the students so that they are able to pursue higher studies, become entrepreneur or work in harmony with the industries.
  5. To inculcate professional and ethical attitude and ability to become an upright citizen with a sense of social responsibility towards environment.

  1. Students will be able to manage the manufacturing of different chemicals and intermediates.
  2. Students will be capable of working in the refineries and petrochemical industries.
  3. Students would able to be entrepreneurs in future as they are trained to develop their managerial skills as a part of their curriculum.
  4. Students can pursue post graduate courses in India and aboard.
  5. Students are inculcated research cult during their undergraduate studies in the form of IDP/UDP that will help our budding engineers to pursue their carrier in the field of research, consultancy and quality control.
  6. Students study management subjects also that helps in taking techno-commercial jobs.